100% of proceeds from the first $5,000 of pins sold will be donated to a registered charity.  

On Day 1 of The Empathy Effect's 365-day experiment, we promised that the post with the most likes, comments and shares would receive an Empathy Award. On Monday, June 20, 2016, we announced that Chai Lifeline Canada, a charity that assists children with terminal illness and their families, received the Inaugural Empathy Award for $5,000.

Going forward, The Empathy Effect, a nonprofit organization, will give 15% of the proceeds from every pin sold to charitable organizations that are catalyzing empathy. The remainder of the funds will be slated for education, programming and social welfare projects. 



About The Empathy Effect: What started as a humble social experiment snowballed into a Social Movement. It’s called The Empathy Effect. A 365-day experiment, The Empathy Effect launched on Facebook on June 8, 2015. Our hypothesis was simple: could empathy be contagious? Six days a week, we posted a true story and photograh about someone transforming the world through acts of empathy.

At the end of the experiment, we presented an Empathy Effect Award to Heidi Wilk, who was featured on Day 5, together with her late husband Matthew Morton, 39. In Matthew's honour, the $5,000 Award, which was crowd funded on Generosity.com, was bestowed to Chai Lifeline Canada, a charity that assists children and families affected by terminal illness.

The overarching goal of The Empathy Effect is to gauge whether we can translate the incidental, easy optimism of online empathy (just a click away) into actual empathy in real space and time. 

We launched the #EmpathyPledge on Day 365 of The Empathy Effect. Symbolized by a pin, the pledge is a promise to practice one act of empathy every day. We invite you to buy your pin and join The Empathy Effect Revolution.

The Empathy Effect is a nonprofit organization and social enterprise.



About Sapphô by Kim Smiley: A jewelry company with a social mission, Sapphô by Kim Smiley believes in beauty for the public good. Designer Kim Smiley creates employment opportunities for marginalized populations, harnessing the power of fashion to empower women in need with training, work experience and a Living Wage. Weaving together fashion and philanthropy, Sapphô partners with charities to raise funds and awareness, donating 20% of sales from our Trunk Shows to causes that transform the world. Named after the first female poet of antiquity, Sapphô is also a platform to spread a love of poetry. Every design in Kim Smiley’s collection is named after a famous or emerging poet, and accompanied by a poem from their body of work. Kim Smiley conceives of her creations as one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art. 

About The Empathy Effect’s Founder: Kim Smiley has over a decade of executive leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, where she focused on enriching the lives of vulnerable populations. A professional fundraiser, writer, speaker and marketing and development expert, Kim left her career in philanthropy in 2015 to pursue her artistic and entrepreneurial passions. She is the Creative Director of the jewelry company and social enterprise, Sapphô by Kim Smiley, and the Founder of The Empathy Effect. Kim has attracted over 125,000 social media followers by sharing her unwavering passion for humanity's interconnectedness. In her spare time, Kim is a painter, photographer and regular Contributor to The Huffington Post. She is also a consultant to various social enterprises and startups, and serves as a Board member on several charitable organizations. Kim Smiley had advanced degrees from McGill and Harvard University, where she graduated first in her class. For more information, click here.



About The Empathy Effect's Media Partner: DreamVision Communications Inc. is a full service digital video studio for lifestyle, communications and entertainment.  They create high-quality, multi-genre content for the web and television.